Frequently Asked Questions

What is in these party pills?

These pills contain only natural ingredients, that have been used in herbal medicines for centuries, as well as recreational use, and have a good track record for their safety. When you purchase party pills from us you will know exactly what is in them as a full ingredients list including amounts is printed on the bottles, as well as on our website. Only the finest extracts and botanicals are used in the production of our party pills.

Do any of your party pills contain BZP?

Our party pills are natural products, which are not laced with any chemicals that may risk your health or life in any way. All our party pills do not contain BZP and can be sold freely and openly to any country around the world.

Do these party pills have side effects?

Generally these pills have no side effects if taken as directed, however if you experience headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, nausea or any other adverse reaction, stop taking immediately and consult with your health care professional. These party pills should not be taken by anyone who is allergic to caffeine or any of the other ingredients, pregnant or lactating mothers, or anyone with any health concerns, heart conditions or on medication. These party pills are for sale to adults only (over 18 years old).

Is their any concerns?

We do not recommend mixing with alcohol, or any other drugs. Take in moderation and never exceed the recommended daily dose. First time users should not take more than one party pill. Do not underestimate the powerful effects. Do not binge and always take in moderation.

Some pills contains St. John’s wort which effects the way many medications work including the oral contraceptive and antidepressant medication. If you are a first time user start with just 1 pill and work up from there. Effects usually take 1 hour to peak. Stay well hydrated and don not over indulge or binge. If you are on medications, you must check with your doctor first.

Some pills contain large amount of caffeine. If you are consuming other products with caffeine, please take that into consideration in order to avoid caffeine overdosing. Do not take pills that contain caffeine if you are allergic to it.

Some pills (Kanna) contain Kanna ( Sceletium tortuosum). Kanna should not be combined with SSRIs, MAOIs, or cardiac medications. Headaches in conjunction with alcohol have been noted with Kanna use. People taking any psychiatric drug or any cardiac medications, are advised not to take Kanna.

Please, don’t take any herbal supplements if you are pregnant or while breast-feeding (unless your medical doctor allowed you).

Can I mix these party pills with Alcohol?

These pills are fine for a night out without alcohol, however may mix these with alcohol in moderation. If you are a first time user, we do not recommend mixing with alcohol, because alcohol will enhances the effects of these pills.

How long does it take to get my order?

Orders are shipped worldwide within 24 hours, from New Zealand and generally take 3-16 days to arrive. New Zealand customers will receive their packages the next day.

To see available shipping methods and estimate shipping costs, please add items to your shopping cart, click on “Checkout” and select your country. The shipping charge may differ depending upon the items in your shopping cart and your location. For most orders, these are the typical shipping methods and prices:

  • Airmail (4-14 days no tracking): $0 FREE SHIPPING
  • Registered Mail (5-16 days with tracking): $15
  • Courier (3-7 days with tracking): $39

Orders shipped internationally may have customs fees, duties, or taxes applied to them. We are not able to estimate those costs. We are not responsible for any fees collected by customs. To find out more information about these fees, please contact your local customs agency.

How do I pay?

If you want to pay with Visa, MasterCard or bank transfer you must place your order on another site: Favstore or Party Pills. On this website you can purchase our products with Bitcoin only.

If you can’t find your product on Favstore, please check on Party Pills (and vice versa).

You can order from this website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do you package my order?

Your privacy is of the highest importance and therefore, the products will be shipped in discreet packages. The pills will be labelled as “dietary supplements”.

What is your guarantee?

Yes, we are so happy with our formulations that we offer a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee, on any number of unopened bottles and up to one open bottle, even if it’s completely empty. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can claim your money by getting in touch with our customer service by email or by telephone.

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